FDIC International 2023 Product Showcase

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FDIC 2023 Patch

FDIC International is approaching fast, which means we are gathering up our latest and greatest gear in anticipation of the show. This year, we will have a double booth packed with detection equipment from RedWave, FLIR, Blackline Safety, Environics, and RAE Systems to demo, as well as our own inCase Calibration detection kits. 

One new instrument we'll have on display is the RedWave XplorIR, an innovative FTIR gas detector that can detect and identify over 5,500 of gases in seconds. The XplorIR can quickly identify chemicals at low PPM concentrations with no sample preparation.

We will also be demonstrating inCase Calibration kits featuring gas detectors from Blackline Safety and RKI Systems. Our customizable kits are all-in-one systems that offer storage, calibration, and charging, all in a portable Pelican case.

Check out some other products we'll be showcasing at FDIC, and please swing by to visit us at Booth #1045 to talk to us and demo the equipment on display.

Scroll down for a preview of some products we will feature in our booth:

DJI Matrice 300 RTK Unmanned System

  • 9 mile transmission range
  • 55-min flight Time
  • 6 Directional Sensing & Positioning
  • Primary flight display
  • Hot-swappable battery
  • UAV Health Management System
  • Compatabile with FLIR MUVE C360

XplorIR Handheld Gas Identification System

  • Identifies chemicals at low ppm concentrations
  • Provides results in less than 20 seconds
  • FTIR technology allows for positive identification of gases and vapors
  • Convenient handheld form factor
  • Rugged housing allows for work in the harshest environment

inCase Calibration System

  • Pass-thru inCase Charging
  • Easy access accessories storage
  • Convenient calibration set up with gas and regulators at the ready
  • Customizable to meet your needs

FLIR K55 Thermal Imaging Camera

  • Clear, crisp, imagery
  • In-Camera video storage
  • 4-meter gas cell
  • Made of cast flame-resistant magnesium alloy & silicon rubber aluminium

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