Olefins Detection Tubes 0.05%/a (Propylene, Butylene) (0.04 - 3.2 Vol.%)

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Item #: CH31201
MFG: Draeger

UOM: Box of 10

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Olefins Detection Tubes 0.05%/a (Propylene, Butylene) (0.04 - 3.2 Vol.%)

For short-term measurements more than 160 Draeger Tubes are available to measure the so called spot concentrations of specific gases.

A wide range of different gases and vapo rs can be detected and measured, such as:

  • Determining and measuring concentration peaks
  • Measuring personal exposure in the inhalation area
  • Detecting leaks in pipelines, gas installations etc.
  • Air analysis in sewers, shafts and confined spaces
Standard Measuring Range: 0.06 to 3.2 Vol. % Propylene
0.04 to 2.4 Vol. % Butylene
Number of strokes n: 20 to 1
Time for Measurement: max. 5 min
Standard Deviation: ± 30 %
Color Change: violet ──> pale brown
Temperature: 0 to 40 °C
Absolute Humidity: < 30 mg H2O / L
Reaction Principle: CH3-CH2-CH=CH2 + MnO4- ──> MnIV +
various oxidation products
Cross Sensitivity: Many organic compounds with C=C double bonds are indicated, but with different sensitivities. It is impossible to differentiate between them. It is impossible to measure olefines in the presence of dialkyl sulfides.