Fido X3 Rugged Explosive Trace Detector

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Fido X3 Rugged Explosive Trace Detector

The FLIR Fido X3 is the lightest and most sensitive handheld explosives trace detector in its class. It features FLIR TrueTrace® detection technology to identify military, commercial, homemade, and liquid explosive threats by class collected from surfaces (particulate) and from in bottles (vapor). With a magnesium case and splash-proof seal, its rugged design meets rigorous MIL-STD-810G and IP54 specifications. It starts from cold in five minutes and has a battery that lasts up to eight hours. With clear-down measured in seconds, operators spend more time sampling and less time waiting. Fido X3 expedites on-site decision making with ten-second threat reporting via intuitive, go/no-go alarms. Training can be completed in 30 minutes, further minimizing the impact on day-to-day operations and costs. With thousands of units fielded in over 40 countries, the Fido X-series is the most trusted handheld explosives trace detector for critical security applications.

Fido X3 Explosives Trace Detector Features & Benefits:

  • TrueTrace® detection in <10 seconds
  • Broad, class-based identification
  • Fast, five-minute start-up
  • Rapid clear-down within seconds
  • Long-lasting, rechargeable battery
  • Rugged, MIL-STD-810G, 1-m drop tested
  • Simple go/no-go interface
  • On device video training
  • Firmware updates via Wi-Fi
  • No radioactive ionization source
  • No calibration requirements
Description Handheld Explosive Trace Detector
Detection Technology FLIR Sensing Element Technology
• Fluorescence based (Multi-channel)
• No radioactive source
Sampling Particulate and Vapor detection
Start-up Time

Under 5 minutes from cold
Under 10 seconds from sleep

Analysis Time 10 seconds or less with exclusive real-time detection capability
User Levels Operator, Administrator
Starter Kit Options Military, Commercial
Power Swappable Lithium Ion battery (8 hour life dependent upon environmental conditions)
AC Input:100 to 240 V, 50 to 60 Hz wall adapter (supplied)
System charges battery while running on AC power
Auxiliary Battery adapter (supplied)
Com Port USB
Data Storage 1500 hours of continuous data logging
Weight 1.36kg including battery
Dimensions 37L x 11.5W x 7H (cm)

System Kit Includes:

  • Fido X3 Handheld ETD System
  • Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery (Qty. 2)
  • Battery Charging Adapter
  • AC Power Adapter/ AC Power Cord
  • Vapor Mode Inlet Guard
  • Single Point Harness
  • USB Data Cable
  • Spare Silica Treated Metal Inlet
  • Vapor Reference Standards (Qty. 2)
  • M.E. Reference Standards (Qty. 2)
  • Maintenance Kit
  • Operator and Maintenance Manual
  • FIDO Analyst Software CD-ROM with Operator Manual
  • FIDO X3 Sensing Elements (Qty. 2 boxes of 10ea)
  • High Efficiency Sampling Swipes (Qty. 4 boxes of 50ea)
  • Custom Hard-shell Case
  • FLIR 1-Year Limited Warranty and 1-Year FIDO Service Plan
  • FIDO X3 Operator Training Course (Stillwater, OK)
  • Access to FIDO Customer Service Portal.

Standard-Use Consumables Package (P/N X3-CS-A):

  • 32 boxes of 10 FIDO X3 Sensing Elements
  • 64 boxes of 50 High Efficiency Sampling Swipes
  • 4x M.E. Reference Standard
  • 2x Vapor Reference Standard
  • Half quantity shipped at time of order; balance shipped at 6 month interval.

Heavy-Use Consumables Package (P/N X3-CH-A):

  • 48 boxes of 10 FIDO X3 Sensing Elements
  • 96 boxes of 50 High Efficiency Sampling Swipes
  • 6x M.E. Reference Standard
  • 2x Vapor Reference Standard
  • Half quantity shipped at time of order; balance shipped at 6 month interval.

Optional Extended Warranty: Adds an additional 1, 2, or 3 years (as specified) to standard FIDO Service Plan Warranty and includes System Service and Repair for duration of warranty period. This Warranty covers component defects, repairs for normal wear and tear, component upgrades, software upgrades and technical support. Warranty does not cover accidental damage or damage caused by misuse.