Changes to RAE Software

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3 generations of software for Rae Systems gas detection meters

This is the progression of software used to maintain your Rae Systems gas detection meters. Starting with ProRAE Suite, then ProRAE Studio II and now Honeywell Safety Suite Device Configurator. I know, I know; change can be hard. We get used to something and we want to keep using it. It’s comfortable. But let us stop and think about the other changes we’ve had through these times.

We’ve gone from gasoline to hybrid to electric cars; from VCR tapes to DVDs to streaming; from bag phones to flip phones to smart phones. What was that, now a watch phone? Change is constant and it is happening faster and faster. So how do we deal with it? I saw a bumper sticker once that said, “Get in, sit down, shut up and hang on!”. Yeah, that seems about right. In other words; embrace it, roll with it, dive in head first. And when you need some help, phone a friend.

All Safe Industries has been a Rae Systems Distributor since 1998. We can help. Give us a call; our number is easy to remember: 88-89-SAFETY (888-972-3389). Let’s figure it out together. Because our job is a safer you.

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