Just How Sensitive is the MX908?

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An ACD Cal 2000 calibrating a MultiRAE
The MX908 High-Pressure Mass Spectrometer Trace Detector from 908 Devices quickly identified the cocaine on our $10 bill.

You may have heard that up to 90% of all US currency contains trace amounts of cocaine. We put our MX908 High-Pressure Mass Spectrometer Trace Detector to the test to see if it could find any on our money.

The process was easy:

  1. We swabbed a $10 bill with a trace sampling strip.
  2. Set the MX908 to Drug Hunter mode.
  3. Inserted the swab into the trace module.
  4. Ran the analysis.

60 seconds later, bingo! A positive result.

With the built-in Drug Hunter algorithms virtually eliminating potential false positives, we can be confident that our bill did in fact contain traces of cocaine.

While cocaine is not lethal in trace amounts, Fentanyl is. Other forms of detection, like Raman and FTIR, can be fooled by heavy concentrations of cutting agents. The MX908, on the other hand, can identify Fentanyl cut to 1% or less, despite cutting agents or the presence of other drugs. 

Finding a trace of Fentanyl on the outside of a container would direct police and other responders to proceed with extra caution after donning the appropriate PPE. Additionally, readings from the MX908 are admissible, defendable evidence that can secure probable cause, facilitate warrants, and generate seizures. 

The MX908 is a powerful instrument that is also easy to use. Its sensitive trace detection technology makes it ideal for police departments or hazmat teams. Contact us for more information or to schedule a demo.

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