Webinar: Making the Jump from ProRAE Guardian to Honeywell Safety Suite Responder

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There are big changes coming for RAE Systems wireless instruments in 2022. Honeywell is phasing out their ProRAE Guardian software and migrating to Honeywell Safety Suite Responder.

Honeywell is encouraging ProRAE Guardian users to make the transition as soon as possible by offering to exchange your current ProRAE Guardian key to a Safety Suite key for FREE through June 30th, 2022.

To help you through the transition process, we are holding a 1 hour webinar on April 13th to address common concerns and frequently asked questions.

Key topics and features you can expect to see addressed in this webinar:

  • Device management and real-time data are now available in ONE platform with Safety Suite, eliminating the need for ProRAE Studio for device management AND ProRAE Guardian for real time data.
  • Safety Suite is available as both Cloud-Based and On-Premise installations, adding additional flexibility on how the software can be deployed. The On-Premise option includes the ability to build a virtual private cloud base, providing you with the flexibility to further secure your data behind your own firewalls.
  • And many more topics, including how to access the program, how to migrate product keys, and account set-up.

This webinar was held on April 13th, 2022.

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