Yellow or Lime?

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Is Manny's Hi-Vis Jacket Yellow or Lime?

Everyone has heard the debate about the black and blue dress. Is the dress black & blue or white & gold? If you don't know what we're talking about go check out the Blue & Black Dress article from The Washington Post and get caught up.

While debating about the color of a dress can be somewhat entertaining, there is a more serious matter at hand.


Seriously though, is it Hi-Vis Yellow? Hi-vis Lime? Some say yellow while others pretend or maybe really do see lime. The Manny's Jacket debate could go on and on, but there really is only one answer. We've been asking ourselves this question for some time now and the answer we came up with may surprise you.

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I know it's shocking, but it's also the truth. In the grand scheme of things it doesn't matter what color Manny's jacket is, as long he's able to be seen and safe. As Manny always likes to say, (or better yet demonstrate because he's a mannequin. He can't talk...) "Having the proper equipment is a crucial part of staying safe."

In case you think taking advice from a mannequin that can't talk isn't the wisest decision, we don't blame you. But consider this, Manny has never been hit by a car or injured on the jobsite because he wears his High Visibility clothing. Just sayin...

If you want to be just as safe as Manny, check out our full line of High Visibility Apparel!

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