Halogenated Hydrocarbons Detection Tubes 100/a (200 - 2,800 ppm)

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Item #: 8101601
MFG: Draeger
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Halogenated Hydrocarbons Detection Tubes 100/a (200 - 2,800 ppm)

For short-term measurements more than 160 Draeger-Tubes are available to measure the so-called spot concentrations of specific gases. A wide range of different gases and vapours can be detected and measured, e.g.: Determining and measuring concentration peaks, Measuring personal exposure in the inhalation area, Detecting leaks in pipelines, gas installations etc., and Air analysis in sewers, shafts and confined spaces.

Contains 8 tubes

Please Note: This is a Haz-Mat product and must be shipped Haz-mat Freight. Extra shipping fees will apply.

Standard Measuring Range

(On Request)
200 to 2,600 ppm
R 113/R 114
100 to 1,400 ppm R 11
200 to 2,800 ppm R 22
1,000 to 4,000 ppm R 134a
The indication is in mm and must be
compared to the calibration data sheets.
Number of Strokes (n)3
Time for Measurementapprox. 1 min.
Standard Deviation±30 %
Colour Changeblue ─> yellow to grayish green
Temperature0 to 40° C
Absolute Humidity1 to 15 mg H2O / L
Reaction PrincipleFor Example:
a) R113 [Pyrolysis] ─> HCl
b) HCl + pH Indicator > yellow reaction
Cross SensitivityOther halogenated hydrocarbons, free
halogens and hydrogen halides are

Perchloroethylene is indicated with the
same sensitivity as R113.
Additional InformationThe tubes become very warm during
the measurement. Therefore, these tubes
should not be used in potentially
combustible atmospheres.

A combustible gas monitor should be used
to qualify any questionable area before
conducting a measurement with one of
these tubes.