Item #: CH28301
MFG: Draeger

Phosgene Detection Tubes 0.25/c (0.25 - 15 ppm)

For short-term measurements more than 160 Draeger-Tubes are available to measure the so-called spot concentrations of specific gases. A wide range of different gases and vapours can be detected and measured, e.g.: Determining and measuring concentration peaks, Measuring personal exposure in the inhalation area, Detecting leaks in pipelines, gas installations etc., and Air analysis in sewers, shafts and confined spaces.

Contains 10 tubes

Standard Measuring Range0.25 to 5 ppm
Number of strokes n:5
Time for Measurementapprox. 1 min.
Standard Deviation± 15 to 20 %
Color Changeyellow ──> blue green
Temperature5 to 35 °C
Absolute Humidity3 to 15 mg H2O / L
Reaction PrincipleCOCl2 + Ethylaniline + Dimethylaminobenzaldehyde
──> blue green reaction product
Cross SensitivityNo interference by up to 100 ppm hydrochloric
acid. Carbonyl bromide and acetyl chloride are
indicated, but with different sensitivities. It is
impossible to measure phosgene in the presence
of carbonyl bromide or acetyl chloride.