FDIC International 2021 Product Showcase

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FDIC 2021 Patch

2020 was anything but typical. Few of us could have imagined the lockdowns, the mask wearing, the travel bans, and the sudden shift to working from home. Now everyone is itching for normalcy. For us, the return to FDIC represents just that.

Technical safety equipment is the core focus of All Safe Industries. This year, we are bringing a number of new detection lines and products as well as some favorites like our inCase Calibration Kits.

The Draeger X-act 7000 is the replacement to the CMS Analyzer. The X-act 7000 uses cassettes of MicroTubes to allow precise measurements of gases in the low ppb range. Pairing the X-act 7000 with the pump coupler and Mark II X-am pump allows for remote samples of carcinogenic or toxic substances from a safe distance.

Another exciting new detector is the ChemProX. Replacing the ChemPro 100i, the ChemproX offers detection of a wide range of CWAs and TICs along with wireless network connectivity and built-in GPS. Paired with the CBRN kit, the ChemProX offers full CBRN detection capability.

The Teledyne-FLIR G510 GC-MS is quickly becoming one of our more popular detection technologies for identifying unknown solids, liquids, and gases. Hazmat teams choose the G510 for its ease of use and dependability in the field.

We hope that you visit us at Booth #702 this year at FDIC 2021 to check out a sampling of the technical safety equipment we provide. As always, our knowledgeable and helpful staff will be at the booth to help you with any questions you may have. If you cannot attend, give us a call and get a quote or sign up for a virtual demo.

Scroll down for a preview of some of the products we will feature in our booth:

HazSim Pro 2.0 Hazmat Meter Simulation System

  • Realistic detector training device that allows nearly unlimited meter configurations
  • Multi-gas, radiation, and WMD detector options as well as custom interfaces
  • Included touchscreen laptop transmits realtime readings to remote units

ChemProX Handheld Chemical Detector

  • Widest range of detectable chemicals (CWA/TCI)
  • Chemical database and instructions
  • Built-in GPS and group location
  • Simulation training mode
  • Lowest maintenance costs in its class

Griffin G510 Person-Portable GC-MS Chemical Identifier

  • Full NIST chemical library for field identification and analysis of unknown materials and mixtures
  • Visual and audible alarm confirmation with limited data interpretation
  • Vapor sampling probe with rapid-response survey mode
  • Built-in active pumping system eliminates need for an external service module

X-ACT 7000 MicroTube Analysis System

  • The 7000 measures the lowest-quantity concentrations with lab-quality analysis
  • The substance-specific layers in the Dräger MicroTubes allow for selective gas testing
  • The RFID tags applied to the MicroTubes contain all the calibration data that apply throughout their normal lifespan of one year

inCase Calibration Kits for RAE Systems

  • Custom solutions for MultiRAE, AreaRAE, and more
  • inCase Calibration enables easy bump tests and calibrations in the field
  • inCase Charging allows all meters to be charged simultaneously while stored in the protective case
  • inCase Storage keeps all accessories together and ready to be used
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